Client Testamonials

St. Marlo Country Club Cumming

St Marlo Sawgrass DriveRob was the greatest, I tell all our friends about him! He seems to somehow know exactly what you are looking for and was able to locate this unbelievable home on the first day. He then carefully and professionally handled the entire transaction, against significant competition, and was able to get the deal done for us. Also, he was very fun to ride around with and we enjoyed his company. Use him! T&K

Cascading Creek Cumming

Cascading Creek Cumming Rob is a “Go Getter” and understands the personal importance of a “DREAM HOME!”  Prior to our relocation from Colorado, we worked with Rob via his 1st Class Website.  After refining our requirements, the “perfect home” seemed more difficult to find. For two months my husband and I worked closely with Rob via the internet and phone.  When the official househunting trip was scheduled by my husbands new employer, it was an awesome trip!  Because of Rob’s personal drive for excellence that he always strives for, devoted research, investment of time and careful eliminations, we successfully selected our “DREAM Home”, and closed all the details within the weekend! We would like to say that we believe that Rob McCance is in that TOP 3% of Georgia Realtors for customer satisfaction!! GMM

Creekstone Estates Cumming

Creekstone Estates Wills Mill When we transferred up from Florida, we were referred to Rob from another of his happy clients. We thoroughly enjoyed working with him. He was very efficient, personable and professional. Most of all, he found us the perfect house in the perfect location very quickly. If you have the opportunity to work with Rob, do it! TH

Gresham Ridge Kennesaw

Gresham Ridge Homes KennesawMy husband and I found Rob on a realtor website when we were looking to relocate to the Metro Atlanta area. We only had two short weekends to come over and look for a house. Because of this short amount of time that we had to look, Rob helped us realize that we had to be efficient with our time by narrowing down the geography we wanted to live in and what we expected out of the community and neighborhood. After looking at each potential house, Rob had us rate the houses and give him feedback so he could help us continue with our search. He was extremely patient with us and enabled us to find a house that fully met our needs. We enjoyed working with Rob and would use him in the future or refer friends and family. AL

Windermere Cumming

Windermere ArdsleyWe found Rob and the Georgia Realty Group while searching for homes on the internet. We were both looking for someone to list our current home with, which we outgrew, and searching for our next home. His site was great and he was very responsive, so we had him come by. We ended up hiring him for both jobs. Rob was very creative and business like. Not only did he locate our dream house, but he put together a deal with the builder to purchase our current home…all within a month! Rob is a very smart and entertaining businessman and my wife and I highly recommend him! R&LW

Habersham Gate Cumming

Habersham Gate Homes CummingMy wife and I had used Rob’s site for a long time before ever contacting him. Using the Georgia Realty Group Website, we pretty much found this house on our own and did our own drive by and walk around. We then contacted Rob for a complete list of active homes fitting our criteria and he sent it over immediately. We then scheduled a few visits and decided we wanted this house. All the contract negotiations and paperwork were handled in a truely professional and thorough manner by Rob. I highly recommend him. GG

Edinburgh Bears Best Suwanee

Edinburgh Suwanee BasingstokeRob was able to find this house, exactly what we wanted, with uncanny precision and quickness. After you see a few houses with him, he can narrow right in on what you like. He’s constantly asking what sounds like casual questions, but these are the key. He was able to negotiate over $100k off the purchase price for us on this home, all in a nice way with the builder. I totally recommend Rob and hopefully he’s available if you choose to use him. RW

Lake Forest Cumming

Lake Forest Homes CummingWe moved from Florida and used his web site, had him send listings and answer questions for a long period before our first trip. After we got here, just the second home he showed us was the ONE! So we made it really easy on him. However, the price was well above our cutoff. Rob was able to negotiate a huge discount from the builder and handled everything quite well. Plus, his gift at closing was awesome! HRB

Laurel Springs Cumming

Laurel Springs Homes CummingWe moved here from Florida and our main concerns were neighborhood, schools and sports programs and facilities for our kids. Rob found the perfect home and situation for us which satisfied all criteria! Fast too! CD

Dacula Oaks Dacula

Dacula Homes Dacula OaksWe moved up from South Atlanta and thoroughly enjoyed working with Rob. KD

Hamilton Mill Dacula

Hamilton Mill Homes DaculaWe moved from South Florida to Atlanta and started to work with Rob by phone and Internet in preparation for our house hunting trip. Rob would send us MLS listing on houses that met what we were looking for and when we saw some we were interested in he went to the homes and took additional pictures and emailed them to us to help with our search. When we arranged a house hunting trip to Atlanta Rob blocked the entire 3-day weekend out for us so that we could maximize our time in Atlanta. On our third day and 45th house later, we found the house we were looking for with the help of Rob. Rob handled the entire process from first contact with him until closing very professionally and I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sale a house in the Atlanta market. RT

Chattahoochee River Club Cumming

Chattahoochee River Club TimberlineWe moved here from Rhode Island and had no clue about Atlanta. Rob worked hard for us both before we got here and after we arrived to help us figure it all out. We were back and forth on our decisions and when crunch time arrived, at our request, Rob clearly laid out what house he thought we should buy, in a 1-4 ranking. We went with his #1 and now, after living here six months, he was absolutely correct! Gotta use him. CST

Holcombes Farm Alpharetta

Holcomb Farms AlpharettaWe relocated from California and before coming over, we worked on the internet, using Rob’s site for many months. He also sent us lots of listings and recommendations. After we got here, Rob was very helpful with showing us great areas and neighborhoods. We stumbled across this small neighborhood late one evening on our own, and when he gave it the thumbs up, he handled the offer, negotiations and paperwork like a true professional. Plus, we enjoyed his company. JJH

Fernwood Creek Woodstock

Fernwood CreekHardest working and smartest Realtor I’ve ever interfaced with. I put this guy to work and he completely responded. You should of seen the spreadsheets he did for me showing mileage and commute times from probably 20 neighborhoods all over Atlanta to two of my different work locations. You’re not going to find a better Realtor. TC

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