Moving to Atlanta – a Relocation Guide

In this section, you can find articles, guides and thoughts about all aspects of moving to Atlanta. Some are very common sense and some have been learned only after relocating many clients to Atlanta in the last five years.

Check them out below. You can also always find them in the Moving to Atlanta Category in the sidebar.

Moving to Atlanta, while sometimes daunting, should be viewed as a great opportunity. It’s a positive thing! Everyone is naturally resistive to change, especially huge life altering change like relocating, but if you make all the right choices for you, Atlanta is a wonderful place to live, raise a family and thrive.

Ten years ago, my family and I relocated to Atlanta from Florida.

We were apprehensive, nervous and resistive. About 18 months later, we never looked back. From then on, we were only interested in Florida for about one week a year, and only for the beaches, like the rest of the country.

In the last five years, nearly all of The Georgia Realty Group’s clients have been relocation clients. We love them and focus on them. It’s a very nice feeling knowing that a knowledgable realtor can add serious value to a client moving to Atlanta.

Nearly every client we have moved ends up loving Atlanta and not wanting to leave, or return to where they moved from.

When relocating, you really only get one opportunity to nail it – get it right the first time.

Buying a home and moving all your possessions is expensive, time consuming and stressful. It’s obviously not something you want to do twice in just a few years. We can help you get this right the first time!

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