Identifying Your Criteria

by admin on December 26, 2010

Check the Commutes

One of the most popular ways to start the relocation process is to take a look at the commute times to your employment, then locate neighborhoods that are within acceptable commute times for you.

Atlanta is huge. Peachtree City in south Atlanta is two hours from Cumming in north Atlanta. So while there may be literally hundreds of options, you can’t realistically work in Canton and live in Hamilton Mill in Dacula, for example.

Specify a City

Another method is to name a city and work from there. Some clients will simply specify a city. They will state “we want to be in Alpharetta” and from there it’s easy to identify the types of communities they are interested in within that specific city and start looking at homes.

Specify a School District

Another relocation method is to to specify a school district. After researching schools and consulting with us, some clients will ask to be in certain school districts. These are very easy requests as it’s no problem at all to identify all the communities and properties within certain school districts.

Specify a County

Often, clients moving to Atlanta will specify a couple of counties, for example north Fulton and south Forsyth, a popular combination. Certain counties have overall traits which are very desirable for people with young families, for example.

Check the Retirement Tax Exemptions

Occasionally, we will help folks that are retiring now or in the next 5-10 years and they are very concerned about the senior tax exemptions in various counties. These vary widely, to say the least – make sure you check!

Specify a Community Type

Some relocation clients will be very specific, wanting only gated private golf communities with homes over $1M, for example. It’s no problem at all to identify every possibility and discuss them with a client.

There are all sorts of variations and combinations. I once worked with a client moving to Atlanta who asked me for a location that supported the highest level of LaCrosse for his sons. That one required some research!

Regardless of what your requirements are, we can help you identify what they are and find the neighborhoods, communities and homes that fit them perfectly.

Here’s a short list of items that might help prevent overlooking something important to you:

  • Cities – Alpharetta, Cumming, Acworth, Dacula, Marietta, just to name a few.
  • Counties – this determines your tax base and public school systems.
  • Commutes – proximity to work, schools, churches, recreation, etc.
  • Airport Access – once a month or four times a week – big difference.
  • Schools – public, private, Montessori, etc.
  • Sports Programs – certain areas are knows for certain sports.
  • Churches – no long commutes to your church.
  • Neighborhood – gated, golf, tennis, swim, large lots, no maintenance, you name it.
  • Medical Facilities – work at a large hospital, or need to be near one.
  • Colleges – need to be near a University?
  • Retiring in Atlanta – taxes, types of communities available, proximity to family.
  • Taxes – your tax rate will vary by county especially Senior tax exemptions.
  • Relocation Companies – we have worked with nearly all of them from Cartus, to Brookfield to Weichert.

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