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by admin on December 29, 2011

Atlanta is a very large metropolitan city, sometimes referred to as the Capitol City of the Southeast. Three major interstates converge in downtown Atlanta: Interstate 85, Interstate 75 and Interstate 20.

This Place is Large

Driving one lap around the 285 perimeter will take you 64 miles. So just the area inside the 285 Perimeter (ITP), is surrounded by a 64 mile loop. Consider that most of metro Atlanta’s six million people live outside of that loop and you start to get a feel for how large the metro Atlanta area is.

From where GA400 begins inside the perimeter, it’s 16 miles to Roswell, 21 miles to Alpharetta and 46 miles to Cumming. All very popular areas to live. These are some distances you want to be driving on your terms, or not at all.

Distances + Population = Traffic

Take the population and the distances and you get traffic, and lots of it. Traffic that’s been rated as top five in the USA at times. Not really the best distinction to have!

The good news is that it’s manageable. When selecting communities, make sure you spend some time analyzing the commutes to and from: work, schools, church, sports facilities and anything else that’s important to you.

The key to beating this traffic issue, and not spending four hours a day in your car, is to just be really smart about it. Take into account when you will be driving to and from work, what highways or surface roads you can use, the distances involved, and what the traffic patterns currently are.

Don’t set yourself up for failure, make sure you have the conversations and do your homework!

Only someone that has lived here and driven these commutes and watched the evening news for years will fully understand the commutes. Make sure you have these discussions with us and end up with a commute that will work for you. Or, possibly no real commute at all.

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