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by admin on December 29, 2010

If you are moving to Atlanta, you should really take some time and study the counties.

The county you reside in can have a large and long term impact on quite a few things including your property taxes, school districts, location (obviously) and senior tax exemptions.

It’s one of the items that’s very easy to investigate and consider because depending on your tolerance for commutes, you will typically only be able to consider between one or two counties.

The five large counties north of Atlanta are Cobb, Cherokee, Forsyth, North Fulton and Gwinnett counties. Property taxes across just those five can vary widely.

Based on a $500k home, here are the approximate tax rates for those counties:

County Annual Tax Monthly Tax
Forsyth County $4,345 $362
Cherokee County $5,087 $424
Cobb County $5,712 $476
Gwinnett County $6,163 $514
N. Fulton County $6,607 $551

As you can see, there’s nearly a $200/month difference between North Fulton and Forsyth County, which by the way are separated by a single road, McGinness Ferry!

Both have excellent school systems and access to the same shops, stores, parks, etc. and are both off the GA 400 corridor.

Also, if you are moving to Atlanta to retire, or planning to retire here, be very careful of what county you move into. The tax exemptions for Seniors vary widely and range from almost nothing to nearly everything.

Forsyth County, for example, has a senior tax exemption which removes the school bond which results in your annual property tax being about 10% of what it would be otherwise. $400 per year versus $4,000 per year; a significant difference for someone on a fixed income looking to play golf, or travel, etc.

When relocating to Atlanta, make sure take a look at the counties!

Here are the County Web Sites for the five large North Metro Atlanta Counties:

Here are the links to each County’s Senior Exemptions:

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